Lou Markakis / Producer / Host / North Shore 100

Lou brings a wealth of experience in communications, politics, and the media. Selected as Emerson Colleges  Harry Truman Scholarship nominee.   Lou has spent the last twenty years showcasing talent, interviewing celebrities, and producing quality programming.  In 2007 Lou created and launched North Shore 100 a program designed to bring viewers the 100 most interesting personalities, families, and events that are helping shape our lives



Ken Kinna / Producer / Director / Editor / Photographer

Ken has worked in film and TV in Boston for about 10 years working mainly as an independent filmmaker, producer,  director, editor, camera man, film festival creator and photographer.  He has been included in a number of film festivals, won a few TV Telly awards, and been recognized by local originations for his supportive work. He is currently working on film and documentary project out of Boston. Currently Ken runs his own media production company in the South End of Boston, B-Roll Films, Inc.  


The creators of BostonNorth.TV are Lou Markakis and Ken Kinna/B-Roll Films working with  team of great producers and talent. 


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